Analog Finder

The purpose of the analog finder tool is to filter down past years (from 1948-2020) into a set of analogs. The years in this set should ideally resemble each other and give the user an idea of what weather patterns can be expected during the selected timeframe. To achieve this, the analog finder allows the user to choose what the current values of influential teleconnections are. The program then takes that information and uses past teleconnection data to filter down previous years into a list of strong analogs. Analogs aren't perfect, however, and should be verified using NOAA's PSL plotting tools.

Step 1: Select the desired time period to analyze (e.g. for winter analogs, choose December - February).

Starting Month: 
Ending Month: 

Step 2: Enter the min/max ENSO 3.4 values in °C. Leave both boxes blank to skip this teleconnection.

ENSO 3.4 Min Value: 
ENSO 3.4 Max Value: 

Step 3: Indicate whether the remaining teleconnections are positive or negative. Selecting "Skip" ignores the teleconnection.

ENSO 1 & 2: 

Analog Years